A Venturi scrubber is an air pollution control device used to remove particulate matter and other pollutants from industrial exhaust gasses.. The scrubber operates based on the principle of creating a pressure drop by forcing the gas stream through a constricted section known as a Venturi throat.

Here's how a Venturi scrubber typically works:

  • Gas and particulate-laden exhaust enters the scrubber through an inlet.
  • Inside the scrubber, the gas stream is directed through a Venturi throat, which is a narrow section of the scrubber where the gas velocity increases.
  • As the gas velocity increases, a pressure drop occurs, causing the particulate matter to be dispersed and collide with liquid droplets present in the scrubber.
  • The scrubber uses a liquid, usually water or a water-based solution, to create a spray of fine droplets that are introduced into the Venturi throat.
  • The liquid droplets capture and absorb the particulate matter through impaction, interception, and diffusion mechanisms. The pollutants become entrained or absorbed by the liquid.
  • The cleaned gas stream exits the scrubber through an outlet, while the captured particulate matter and liquid form a slurry at the bottom of the scrubber.
  • The slurry is then separated, and the liquid can be recycled or treated, while the captured particulate matter is disposed of or further processed if necessary.

Venturi scrubbers are commonly used in various industries, including power plants, metal refining, chemical production, and incineration facilities, where emissions need to be controlled. They are effective in removing both larger and smaller particles from the gas stream. However, they are primarily designed for particulate matter removal and may not be as effective for removing gases or chemicals that require absorption or chemical reaction.It's important to note that while Venturi scrubbers are effective in controlling particulate emissions, they may consume significant amounts of water and can produce a wastewater stream that requires proper treatment before discharge to meet environmental regulations

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